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Must know Editing Techiniques:

How you present your video
create big difference on how
much it will be liked,
and editing makes your video
presentation much more interesting
through these techniques mentioned below

Editing Video

Editing Techniques:
Nicely Explained Editing Techinues
in this video


Examples of Editing Techniques:
Very nice Examples of Editing Techniques


Continuity Editing:
Editing with keeping interest and most important
Audience don't get distracted

Montage Editing Technique: 
Nice Video to Know Nice things about
Editing Techiniques


What is L-Cuts | Where to use:
What is an L cut, where to use it,
why to use it


 8 Different film techniques - The Language of Editing :
Group of Good Editing Techiniues
Nice video



How To Do A Simple Cut: Basic Video Editing Techniques #1
Basic Simple Cut for Beginners


Time Lapse: 

Based techniques to show time passed through editing
has passed and a new time started

180 Degree Rule:
What is 180 Degree Rule
and how it impacts the video

Click here For Part 2: Of Editing Techniques