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Boost Creativity
Boost Creativity Image by: duchesssa


Boosting your creativity,
you can increase your creativity,
to many many times,

You are much more creative than you
think, (see the video below)

Some tips, along with these videos that will help
you boost creativity

1. Think of what if,
think of what if in every situation,
make it a habit,

These wonderful idea
from the Authors
Mel Helitzer, Mark Shatz
on the book
Comedy writing secret,

He taught to
think of what if,

for example you are
reading this on a website,
what if this was written
on an elephant?

or on moon
with a pop up window,

Mel Helitzer, Mark Shatz says
 to think in
the comic way,
a funny way,

ways which makes us

from his idea
not only your
sense of humor can
increased but
your creativity too

what i realized
is that our body
work on pain and gain 

what body/mind will get 
if it's creative ideas,

when we thought creatively
for fun ideas
some times we
burst into laughters
which is gain for,
your body
and mind
and it will
always like to do
creative ideas

it's pain and gain

so that's it,

2. Second thing i will suggest
is also equally imp.
know yourself,

Analyse yourself,
where are you most creative,
for example when i watch videos
of others, i get a lot of ideas
of my own (not important ideas
you will get genuine creative ideas
of your own), this is like formula
of like attract like,
as in the book of secrets
i mean the secret book,
i mean the book with title
it says mind attracts similar
ideas, it you want to be creative
on a particular topic, say sci fi,
watch some video on
and similar ideas will come,
watch these videos below to boost more 
of your creativity
Have Fun with your creativity

Please share your secrets in the coments
and comeback and see sharing will increase
our knowledge


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