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Reduce the impact of Color Blindness for CG Artists

Reduce the impact of Color Blindness for CG Artists

There are 3 types of Color Blindness,
here are some guide to artists who have color blindness

Here is some guide that will help a lot

1. know colors more

If you have color blindness, don't run away from colors,
especially, use technology to know about colors,

know as much as possible about colors,
enjoy them, see them,
observe them

2. Use Technology

There are a lot of softwares that can help you in knowing you colors
if you are a Computer Graphics Artist, there are a lot of software that,
tells you color R.G.B

you need to keep picking the colors and learn,

There are online resources that tells you name of colors
like on this website: 

Remember you have color blindness not memory loss,
remember colors,

3. Ask Friends:

Your Friends or Far Relatives
who don't have colorblindness
can help you tell the range of color
in the color picker softwares you use in computer Graphics,

For Example:
Ask and know where blue starts and purple ends

or colors in which there is confusion.

Use memory power to reduce color blindness effects

4. Your Own World Of Colors

You have your own world of colors,
Live in it,
You don't have to change the way God
has decided how you will see colors,

Just know what colors you see,
how they are different to others,

guess if you are seeing this color
what color this may be for other peoples
in this world

5. Know colors in Scenes:

See images you like and see which colors they are in 
color wheel, and remember them,
thus you can create your own images again
from memory

6. what about thing in the real world?

how to know colors of the real world?

Just take the snap of everything for which
you want to know the colors,
import them into your computer
and know which colors are they,

7. Know You blessings

Focus on your strengths,
what's great that God has given you
instead of giving color knowledge
Is it the Interest to work in the Art field,

Recognize your own strengths and Do the
Best Use Of Your Talent

8. Balance

Make a balance of what you want to do 
(Fight colors and do Art- As you love you Do)
and what you have to Do,
Like earning From things you less like
in Art field, but can do well,

When i means a balance it mean
you should do both of these,

First do what you have to do,
Then Reward yourself by doing what you 
want to do