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how to create an explainer video part 5


Take a look at the video:
Important Lessons speed with which to
proceed is very important, it captivates audience attention,

but just be too slow or too fast,
have appropriate speed,
or if it's too high speed give little pause
for the audience to understand,

2. Principles of animations
something goes up before going down,

3. showing details and then zooming out to reveal more
things to watch and enjoy,

4. Presentations of your video is  a lot important,

5. one thing turns to other looks good

6. Something  Zoom outs and becomes something else,
it always surprises the audience and is liked a lot,

7. Handle the curves, use easy ease,
or so where required

8. Emphasize things by reflections,

Found /Learned more things on video
Let us know, Please comment,

Sharing always increase our knowlege