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How to make an explainer video part 4

Take a look at the video and observe the following,
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1. Speed with which things will move in your video is important
take it as a cooked food, an appropriate temperature gives best taste,
not to hot or too slow,

too hot burns (thus too fast video will burn the pocket of your client as audience won't understand anything)
and food which is not warm doesn't gives the best tastes) thus slow videos won't excite,

2. You can use one animation and repeat it with different text or actions, it look good and will save time

3. Take a look at 0:15 sec there is a fast excellent motion which uses principle of animation while moving object away before taking close, ( nice execution) and the video looks good - curves are used well too

immediately after that there is a little pause in the video movements (what's going on in the video)
giving audience time to understand

We will learn from more videos
Please comment for what you spotted good
and is useful for you,

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