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John Lasseter the great advice for aspiring animation student?

John Lasseter Advice to animators

John lesseter the gerat
2008-2010Mater's Tall Tales (TV series)
Tokyo Mater (2010)
El Materdor (2008)
2008Tokyo Mater (short)
2006Mater and the Ghostlight (video short)
2004Who Is Bud Luckey? (video documentary short)
1989Knick Knack (short)
1988Tin Toy (short)
1987Red's Dream (short)
1986Luxo Jr. (short)
1980Nitemare (short)
1979Lady and the Lamp (short)

The Snow Queen (executive producer) (in production)
2011Winnie the Pooh (executive producer) (post-production)
2010/ITangled (executive producer)
2010Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (video) (executive producer)
2010Toy Story 3 (executive producer)
2009Prep & Landing (TV short) (executive producer)
2009The Princess and the Frog (executive producer)
2009Dug's Special Mission (video short) (executive producer)
2009Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (executive producer)
2009Up (executive producer)
2009Super Rhino (video) (executive producer)
2008BURN-E (video short) (executive producer)
2008Bolt (executive producer)
2008Tinker Bell (video) (executive producer)
2008Ponyo (executive producer - english version)
2008WALL·E (executive producer)
2008Glago's Guest (short) (executive producer)
2008Presto (short) (executive producer)
2007Your Friend the Rat (video short) (executive producer)
2007How to Hook Up Your Home Theater (short) (executive producer)
2007Ratatouille (executive producer)
2007Meet the Robinsons (executive producer)
2005One Man Band (short) (executive producer)
2005Jack-Jack Attack (video short) (executive producer)
2004The Incredibles (executive producer)
2004Howl's Moving Castle (executive producer)
2003Boundin' (short) (executive producer)
2003Exploring the Reef (video documentary short) (executive producer)
2003Finding Nemo (executive producer)
2002Mike's New Car (video short) (executive producer)
2001Monsters, Inc. (executive producer)
2001Spirited Away (executive producer: US)
2000For the Birds (short) (executive producer)
1998It's Tough to Be a Bug (short) (executive producer)
1997Geri's Game (short) (executive producer)
1991Beauty and the Beast (3D version, executive producer)
1986Luxo Jr. (short) (producer)
1980Nitemare (short) (producer)